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This time of year, I’m constantly reminded about how difficult it is to handle the additional expenses of the Holiday season.  Most of us want to make the gifting season special.  We want to purchase that perfect present for our children, spouses, parents and everyone else on our list.  We have more entertaining challenges, from hosting dinners and parties to attending the office Christmas party with yet another new outfit. 

Once again, our failure to plan and save has us digging out the credit cards and spending more than we should, plunging us further and further into debt. If only there was an Extra Money Fairy Godmother that would swoop into our lives and provide a few hundred dollars when we need it most.  

Believe it or not, all of us has that Fairy Godmother living in our household.  Every member of your household from 2 to 90 years of age has the ability to either save or make money.   By now you are probably beginning to think I have no idea what I’m talking about.  How could a 2 year old make or save money?  Do I send my 90 year old father out to flip burgers or welcome shoppers?  In order to make or save money, we need to redefine making and saving. 

Making Money

Most of us think of making money as having a job, or in some cases more than one job.  While that is probably the most common method we can use to make money, there are so many other methods we can use to bring a little extra cash into our lives.  I intend to offer many ideas and plans over the next few weeks and months for members of your household to make a little extra money to contribute to the family finances.  Making money is usually done best by family members from 8 to 80.  You just need to keep in mind that the amount of the contribution will be in direct proportion to the age and mental capacity of each family member. 

Saving Money

Saving is not just placing a portion of our income into a savings account or piggy bank.  Saving money happens every single time you don’t spend as much. For example, while thousands of people swear by coupon clipping, that is only the tip of the iceberg in saving.  I seldom clip coupons, but save money on almost all my purchases just the same.  As I said earlier, even a 2 year old can contribute to saving money, and I hope to show you many different ways you can save. 

Using Money

This part seems pretty silly!  You probably don’t need any help at all in using money.  BUT, (you noticed the big but) I did say using money, not spending money.  If we use our money with forethought, we will be able to make it do so much more for us than if we just spend it.  In the processes of using money that I hope to discuss in the months ahead, you will find methods to actually enjoy spending your money because you know that the choices you are making will also contribute to your future security.


I am going to encourage comments and questions from all of you.  Every person reading this blog will have tips that others can use, and questions about the procedures and processes that might apply directly to your personal situation. 



Dick Towner, of The Good $ense Ministries, shared some timely quotes in his Newsletter for us during these scary times .

For this month’s column I’ve chosen to share some quotations I’ve come across that seem apropos in light of the on-going (and in all probability long lasting) financial situation the country finds itself in. I find most of them reassuring and all of them thought provoking. Perhaps you will as well.. Sincerely in Christ,

You can read them here: Good $ense Newsletter.

Dick works with Willow Creek in the Chicago area. He developed and leads the Good $ense Ministries and seminars that are offered by many churches throughout the US and Canada. We had the pleasure of meeting him in 2006, and discussing how we can help Christians take better care of their finances using Godly principles.

We completed his Counselor and Trainer seminars in 2004. It complements our own studies and seminars.

Their recent overhaul of the materials is now known as “Freed UP”.

I appreciate the insights I’ve gained over the years by working with the Good $ense materials.