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You can get our book, “Getting God’s Army Out of Debt”, from Amazon for Free for the 2 days of Aug 13 &B 14, 2012. Or, if you are an Amazon Prime Member, it’s free until November.

No matter how you get it, our book is full of practical advice on gaining control of your finances, and getting out of debt – for good.

All we ask is that you read it, put some of what you learn to use, and give us a Review on Amazon.

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We’ll see you Debt-Free!

John & Sandi


You know, it’s been quite a long time since we last posted here. No good reason except life got in the way.

Getting back to the swing of things means that we’ve taken our printed book, “Getting God’s Army Out of Debt”, and published it to Amazon for the Kindle. We’ll have the actual link to it shortly, and will publish it then.
In the meantime, remember to Honor God with Your Life.
John L