In God We Trust

Teaching You How to Get OUT of Debt and Live Debt-Free


I like to keep things simple and straightforward. I usually study a subject for a long time, and then extract the salient principles that sum up the topic. Here is what I’ve learned about managing money, and what I’ll be spending plenty of time expanding upon in the coming months, years, or however long the Lord lets me do this.

  1. Honor God With Your Life.
  2. Spend Less Than You Earn.
  3. Avoid Debt.
  4. Prepare for the Future.

These simple principles have helped countless people gain freedom and control of their finances. You can, too.

1. Honor God with Your Life. Live For the King. If you profess to be a Christian, and Jesus is your Lord, then your life should show the fruit. Your words and deeds should align and be evident to all around you. You can’t serve both God and Money. Choose this day to Serve the Lord.

2. Spend Less Than You Earn. Live FOR the King, not Like a King. The fundamental principle of spending is that if you spend more than you earn, you’ll have trouble. Learn how to live within your means. In money terms, “Faking It Until You Make It” is a recipe for bondage. Adjust your lifestyle to reflect your income, not your outgo.

3. Avoid Debt. Contrary to what some might say, Debt isn’t evil. However, Debt is always a problem. The Borrower is Servant to the Lender. If you are in debt, the lender is in control, not you. You are serving Money, not the Lord. So, if you can avoid debt through prudent planning and saving, hooray. If you can’t, then get OUT as soon as you can. Debt is Never Good.

4. Prepare for the Future. That’s where we’ll be spending the rest of our lives. Yes, this moment in time is NOW, but NOW disappears into the Past. Only the Future lies ahead. Get yourself ready for whatever your future will bring. You can make your own future if you Plan and Act.

Breaking Free from the bondage of Debt is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have. Knowing that you are debt-free means that you don’t have to fear losing a job, or your house, or your marriage. Being a good steward means that your 90% goes much farther than your previous 110%. This is what you were meant to be – Debt-Free.

You can do it. We can help.