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I am semi-retired. My productive work life lies behind me to be taken on by younger, more resilient men and women. I am living the future of my youth.

Am I happy? Oh, yes, I am. I’ve had few regrets and see many joys ahead. The future is a great place to spend the rest of my life.

God has prepared this place for me. He knew I’d be here in this place before the foundations of the universe. He gave me the tools and circumstances I got to use and live through.

I knew that this day would come to pass. I knew I would step away from active income generation. Yet, I am happy and able to do pretty much what I want. I am prepared for the future.

Your first preparation is to be sure Heaven will be your home after your earthly life ends. You need to ensure Eternal Life, not Death, and this only comes through faith and believing that Jesus is The Christ, the Son of the Living God, and that He died for your sins, and He rose again to conquer death. Do you believe? If not, then learn more here: Bible Gateway – The Book of John

I spent many years hiding God in a closet and ignoring His rule in my life. Don’t do as I did back then. Do what I do now — I serve the King, Jesus the Christ.