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Merry Christmas!       3133327802_3d59a4d0c1_s[1]

The annual season of giving is upon us as we celebrate our Savior’s birth. I pray you and your family and friends get a full measure of Peace and Joy as each day passes.

Christmas is one of the most universally stressful times of the year. Don’t get caught up in the race to see how many presents you can put onto your credit cards. You’ll only spend the rest of the coming year regretting your abandon. Temper your spending spree with insight and restraint.

Give love, instead.

Take the time to savor every moment with your family. You might only see Aunt Emma or Cousin Tom once and only this time of year, but they are dear and fragile, and worthy of your love and concern, not your exasperation and endurance. Jesus came to the world to save us. His central command was to love one another. Love is not a feeling that can come and go, but a verb that you DO with one another.

Doing means knowing something about the other person. It means taking their needs instead of your needs into consideration. It means acting in their best interest. It means putting aside your comfort and taking on their burdens. Love is Action in favor of the other person.

Sure, you’ll eat your favorite foods and desserts, and you’ll sing songs and gaze at lights. But most of all, Share Love this Christmas Season.

  1. Be kind
  2. Smile
  3. Speak a cheery greeting
  4. Lend a hand
  5. Point the way
  6. Do an anonymous Good Deed
  7. Contribute to charities that feed the hungry
  8. Visit a nursing home
  9. Visit your long-lost friends
  10. Write a friendly note
  11. Give some cookies
  12. Give a hug
  13. Share a burden

Share the Love of Jesus with those you know and those who are strangers you meet. All your friends were strangers in the beginning, for who are friends but strangers you got to know?

Peace, Goodwill, Joy — The measure of the Season.

John L


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