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Dick Towner, of The Good $ense Ministries, shared some timely quotes in his Newsletter for us during these scary times .

For this month’s column I’ve chosen to share some quotations I’ve come across that seem apropos in light of the on-going (and in all probability long lasting) financial situation the country finds itself in. I find most of them reassuring and all of them thought provoking. Perhaps you will as well.. Sincerely in Christ,

You can read them here: Good $ense Newsletter.

Dick works with Willow Creek in the Chicago area. He developed and leads the Good $ense Ministries and seminars that are offered by many churches throughout the US and Canada. We had the pleasure of meeting him in 2006, and discussing how we can help Christians take better care of their finances using Godly principles.

We completed his Counselor and Trainer seminars in 2004. It complements our own studies and seminars.

Their recent overhaul of the materials is now known as “Freed UP”.

I appreciate the insights I’ve gained over the years by working with the Good $ense materials.

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